Download MIDACO for R

  Download  MIDACO 6.0 (limited)  together with some example problem.

R Gateway




Library Windows Linux Mac
64bit midacoR.dll


Problem Type Description Example
NLP Continuous variables example_NLP.r
NLPc NLP with constraints example_NLPc.r
IP Integer variables example_IP.r
IPc IP with constraints example_IPc.r
MINLP Mixed variables example_MINLP.r 
MINLPc MINLP with constraints example_MINLPc.r
MO Multiple Objectives example_MO.r


More example problems available at:   Benchmarks


R examples using  Parallelization  are available here


 How to run MIDACO in R

Step 1 Donwload the MIDACO R gateway, library and some example (e.g. example_MINLPc.r)
Step 2 Store all three files in the same folder on your PC
Step 3.a

Running example in console [ Win/Mac/Linux ]: Rscript example_MINLPc.r

Step 3.b

Running example in console (-> output ".Rout"): R CMD BATCH example_MINLPc.r

Step 3.c

Runing example in RGUI: change directory to folder -> source('example_MINLPc.r')

Step 3.d

Rstudio: Open new project -> select existing directoy -> source('example_MINLPc.r')

Step 3.e

RKWard: Workspace -> set working directory -> source('example_MINLPc.r')



 Rstudio [ Windows ]

RGui [ Windows ]

RKWard [ Linux ]

Console [ Windows ]

Console [ Linux ]

Solution File


Any problems running MIDACO? Please click here or contact us.

Apple / MacOS users please see here for further information.