MacOS Library Files


MIDACO 6.0 library files for MacOS are available for two CPU architectures:  ARM64  and  X86-64


Since 2020, most Apple computers ( e.g. MacBook, MacMini ) use ARM64 based CPU architecture ( M1-M3 Chip ).

Older Apple computers mostly use X86-64 based CPU architecture ( Intel Chip ).


MIDACO 6.0 Library Files for MacOS  ARM64

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64bit midacocs.dll midacoJL.dll


MIDACO 6.0 Libray Files for MacOS  X86-64

  Python C# R Julia Java
32bit  midacocs.dll   -  midacoJL.dll midacoj.dll
64bit midacocs.dll  midacoJL.dll midacoj.dll



In order to use the  ARM64  library file,  users might need to change the attributes of the MIDACO library file (e.g. To do so, open a terminal, navigate to the location where the MIDACO library file is located and execute following command:


xattr -d


 Using a X86-64 library file on an ARM64 architecture will produce an  error message  like this:

mach-o file, but is an incompatible architecture (have 'x86_64', need 'arm64e' or 'arm64')

Using an ARM64 library file on a X86-64 architecture will produce an  error message  like this:

mach-o, but wrong architecture