Oracle Penalty Method

The oracle penalty method is an advanced approach for constraint handling for evolutionary and metaheuristic optimization algorithms. The method is based on a single parameter Omega (Ω), which is called an oracle due to its predictive nature. This parameter directly corresponds to the global optimal objective function value f(x). In case of real-world applications where the user has some (rough) guess about a possible global optimal f(x) value, this information can be exploited as oracle information to improve the convergence speed of the optimization algorithm. In case no such user guided information is available, an (automated) update rule can be applied for Ω, starting with a value of infinity (∞) and updating Ω after individual optimization runs, when better (feasible) solutions have been found. Algorithms implementing the oracle penalty method with automated update are classified as self-tuning. The oracle penalty method has been applied for example in Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) see [1], [6], [7], [15], [17], Genetic Algorithms (GA) see [2], [10], [11], Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) see [3],[16], Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm see [12] and Differential Evolution (DE) see [4], [5], [8], [13] and was also extended to deterministic methods [14]. The most detailed introduction to the method can be found in [1], a brief motivation of the key idea of the method can be found in this PDF presentation (slide 11-15). The oracle penalty method is one of the major reasons why MIDACO is capable to solve problems with hundreds of (non-linear) constraints  fast & robust  (see Benchmarks).


Mathematical Formulation of the extended Oracle Penalty Function  ( Section 2.3 )

Graphical illustration of the extended oracle penalty function for Omega = 0

Source code
Matlab  oracle_penalty.m

LaTeX formula



C/C++  oracle_penalty.cpp
Fortran  oracle_penalty.f


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The Oracle Penalty Method



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