Embedding MIDACO in External Software / Algorithms

MIDACO has been developed not only as stand-alone tool but also for integration (embedding) in external software. Written entirely from scratch, constantly improved for over 10 years and not requiring any third-party dependencies, MIDACO is an ideal candidate to be used as high-performance optimization engine on the back-end side of external software and algorithms. It's compact source code in plain ANSI-C (standard C) or Fortran can either be directly integrated or linked (via DLL-library) with virtually any software and compiles/runs on any operating system (Win/Mac/Linux), including web servers and microprocessors. It's easy-to-use handling and interface can significantly reduce the time and effort on the client side to realize an embedded solution. Another distinguished advantage of MIDACO is its (massive) parallelization capability, which is available to any software it is embedded into, regardless of the platform, programming language or parallelization approach (e.g. OpenMP, MPI, Apache Spark or even GPGPU).


Advantages of embedding MIDACO

  • Super lightweight (~200kb) and high efficient source code in ANSI-C or Fortran
  • 100% Self-sufficient code ( no third party dependencies required )
  • Compiles with all common compilers ( Intel, MS-Visual, gcc, ...)
  • Compiles on all common platforms ( Win/Mac/Linux )
  • Static (non-dynamic) memory allocation
  • Does not require internet connection
  • Parallelization feature available
  • Easy to use & integrate
  • Flexible licensing


Flexible licensing for embedding MIDACO is available and includes permanent (lifetime) options as well as time limited options (e.g. yearly renewal). Please contact us for a customized quote on embedding MIDACO. Some examples of commercial embedding of MIDACO in external software can be found in the news section.