Download MIDACO for Text - I/O

 Download  MIDACO 5.0 (limited) for general file based input / output  Python [ Windows - 64bit library ]
MIDACO_blackbox.tar.gz  Python [ Linux - 64bit library ]  C/C++ MS-Visual Studio [ Windows ]


 C/C++ gcc [ Linux ]


MIDACO for Text-I/O interfaces MIDACO with virtually any application (like LS-Dyna, KNIME, Abacus,...) and especially with Windows ".exe" executables. While MIDACO is executed from some main program (in above templates in C/C++ or Python) it will communicate with the application (e.g. blackbox.exe) by passing the X variables as text file input and receiving the corresponding F and G values as text file output from the application. The format of the text files (and even their file type) can freely be adopted to any specific application at hand.


[ Note: Text-I/O examples with  parallel execution  of blackbox applications are available on request. ]


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