MIDACO for Java


Download  MIDACO 6.0 (limited)  together with some example problem. 

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Library Windows Linux Mac
32bit midacoj.dll  midacoj.dll midacoj.dll
64bit midacoj.dll  midacoj.dll midacoj.dll


Problem Type Description Example
NLP Continuous variables Example_NLP.java
NLPc NLP with constraints Example_NLPc.java
IP Integer variables


IPc IP with constraints Example_IPc.java
MINLP Mixed variables Example_MINLP.java
MINLPc MINLP with constraints Example_MINLPc.java
MO Multiple Objectives Example_MO.java


More example problems available at:   Benchmarks


Java examples using  Parallelization  are available here



 How to run MIDACO with Eclipse IDE

Step 1 Create empty Java project with name "Example"
Step 2 Create Java Class with Package and Name "Example"  

Step 3

 Remove the empty  public class Example { }  in Example.java


 Copy & paste the complete Example_MINLPc.java and Midaco.java

 together into the Example.java file in Eclipse.


 Remove the  import java.util.HashMap;  at the top of Midaco.java


Step 4


Place the midacoj.dll  library file in the Eclipse project folder "Example".

Alternatively: Specify the library path at the end of Midaco.java file.


Now press the "Run" button in Eclipse and the example should execute.


   Complete Eclipse project folder for Windows (64-bit)
   Complete Eclipse project folder for Linux (64-bit)  Example.tar.gz





 Currently the library file works only with Eclipse projects named "Example".

 On request, library files for arbitrary named Eclipse projects can be generated.



 How to run MIDACO in Console  [ Windows ]

Step 1 Download Midaco.java, midacoj.dll and some example
Step 2 Open CMD console, change to folder with above files

Step 3


Add Java binary directory to PATH environment variable:

set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-14.0.1\bin

Step 4

Compile example  > javac Example_MINLPc.java

Step 5 Execute example   > java Example

The problem evaluation call happens within Midaco.java at Line 129:


>   Example.problem(f,g,x);


This call to the problem function can freely be changed by the user.


 How to run MIDACO in Console  [ Mac & Linux ]

Step 1 Download Midaco.java, midacoj.dll and some example
Step 2
Store all files in the same folder (e.g. Desktop) on your PC
Step 3 Open console and navigate to folder with above files
Step 4
Compile example   > javac Example_MINLPc.java
Step 5
Execute example   > java Example


Screenshot Solution File


Any problems running MIDACO? Please click here or contact us.