Download  MIDACO 5.0 (limited)  together with some example problem

C# Gateway




Library Windows Linux Mac
32bit midacocs.dll midacocs.dll


upon request

64bit midacocs.dll midacocs.dll


Problem Type Description Example
NLP Continuous variables Example_NLP.cs
NLPc NLP with constraints Example_NLPc.cs
IP Integer variables Example_IP.cs
IPc IP with constraints Example_IPc.cs
MINLP Mixed variables Example_MINLP.cs
MINLPc MINLP with constraints Example_MINLPc.cs
MO Multiple Objectives Example_MO.cs


More example problems available at:   Benchmarks


Java examples using  Parallelization  are available here


Running MIDACO in C# with MS Visual Studio

Step 1  Download Midaco.cs, midacocs.dll and some example
Step 2  Stoe midacocs.dll in a folder named "MIDACO" directly under "C:\"
Step 3  Open MS Visual Studio and create new C# console project
Step 4  Add new existing item: Midaco.cs and e.g. Example_MINLPcs
Step 5  Build and execute project as usual


Notes on MIDACO C# gateway


New MIDACO C# gateway coming soon!!!


The new MIDACO C# gateway supports native C# printing on all platforms (esp. Windows)

and features an improved dll-library call, running stable on all platforms (Win/Mac/Linux).


Note 1

Under Windows, the file printing will work, but not the console printing might not.

See the MIDACO_SCREEN.TXT and MIDACO_SOLUTION.TXT for full output.

Those files are normally found in the Debug or Release Visual Studio project folder.

Note 2

The path to the "midacocs.dll" can be set at the bottom of the "Midaco.cs" file.

The default path to the dll file is:   "C:\MIDACO\midacocs.dll"

This path can freely be changed to any location.

Note 3 MIDACO C# gateway runs also under Linux via Mono (Xamarian)


Output Files



Any problems running MIDACO? Please click here or contact us.