Applications of MIDACO in various Academic / Industrial Areas 

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Space Interplanetary Space Mission (NASA Galileo) Schlueter et al. Link
Space Space Launch Vehicle (Boeing Delta III) Schlueter et al.  Link
Space  ESA Space Mission Benchmark (Cassini2) Schlueter et al.  Link
Space  ESA Space Mission Benchmark (GTOC1) Schlueter et al.  Link
Space ESA Space Mission Benchmark (Messenger Full) Schlueter et al.



Space Thermal Insulation System (Heat Shield) Schlueter et al. Paper
Space Orbit-Raising Optimization and Analysis (Lotos 2)
Astos Solutions PDF
Space Satellite Constellation Takano, Marchand Report
Space Cubesat Deployment Trajectory Design
Minguijon Pallas Thesis
Aerospace High-Performance Drop-in Jet Fuels Kosir et al. Paper *new*
Aerospace Optimal Drop-in Jet Fuel Blends Flora et al. Paper *new*
Aerospace Optimal Frame Design for Civil Aircrafts
Scardaoni, Frediani Paper *new*
Aerospace Optimization of Composite Aircraft Frame (parallel)
Weiss et al. Paper
Aerospace Aircraft Battery-based Voltaic-Joule Propulsion Isikveren et al. Paper
Aerospace Attitude Control for Quadrotor UAV Grujic, Nielsson Report
Aerospace Passenger and Aircraft Fleet Allocation Perez, Jansen Paper
Aerospace Optimal Control of simplified F8 Aircraft Model Schlueter et al. Paper
Automotive Scheduling of Automotive Industry Process Duquenne Thesis
Automotive Productivity Enhancement for Automotive Industry Abolhassani et al. Paper
Automotive Cost-effective Belt Conveyors for Bulk Material Masaki et al. Paper
Automotive Minimizing Belt Conveyors Life Cycle Costs Masaki et al. Paper *new*
Automotive Electric Drives for Traction Applications Zarko et al. Paper
Automotive Auxiliary Power Supply of Traction Vehicles Kovacic, Sunde Link
Chem-Eng Distillation Column Sequencing Test Problem Schlueter et al. Paper 
Chem-Eng Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWT) Schlueter et al. Paper 
Chem-Eng Tennessee Eastman Process (TEP) Schlueter et al. Paper 
Chem-Eng Mini-Plant for Oxidative Coupling of Methane Esche Thesis
Energy Oilfield Development and Operations Planning Redutskiy Paper
Energy Network Structural Vulnerability Optimization Faramondi et al. Paper *new*
Energy Design of Integrated Solar Combined Cycles Brodrick et al. Paper *new*

Shipboard Integrated Energy System Optimization

Yang et al. Paper *new*
Energy Optimization of Oxyfuel Natural Gas Plant Teichgraeber et al. Paper
Energy Supercritical CO2 Brayton Cycle via MINLP
Zhao et al. Paper *new*
Energy Superstructure optimization within ProSimPlus Zhao et al. Paper *new*
Energy Liquefied Natural Gas Exploration Kim, Kim Paper
Civil-Eng Total Water Coverage in a Network Chagwiza et al. Paper
Civil-Eng Water Supply Network Chagwiza et al. Paper
Civil-Eng Optimal Design of Continuous Footing



Civil-Eng Soil Parameter Optimization UkritchonBoonyatee Paper
Electr-Eng Multi-Objective Harmonic Filter Optimization Zobaa Paper *new*
Electr-Eng Undamped Filters based on Harmonics Mitigation Kahar, Zobaa Paper
Electr-Eng Damped Filter Design for Mitigating Harmonics Kahar, Zobaa Paper
Electr-Eng Equivalent Dipole Model Optimization for Antennas Reineix, Guiffaut Paper *new*
Mech-Eng Optimization of Combined Cycle Power Plants Mohammed Thesis
Robotics Optimal Camera Placement Hänel et al.
Climate Low-Carbon Energy Technologies Wang et al. Paper
Climate Nonlinear Model Predictive Control (parallel) Booij et al.
Forestry Adapting Douglas-fir forestry in Central Europe Chakraborty et al. Paper
Economics Employment and Welfare Effects (parallel) Tilly, Niedermayer Paper
Social Media Opinion-Based Optimal Group Formation Oliva et al. Paper *new*
Medicine Combinatorial Neural Inhibition for Stimulus
Mahajan, Mysore Paper
Finance Distance-to-Default Allugundu, Kumar Paper
Finance Distance-to-Default (parallel) Lou Thesis
Finance Application of Sales Forecasting Comas
Materials Light Fabric Meta-Material Design (parallel)
Dell' Isola et al. Paper
Materials Thermomech. Model for Viscoelastic Materials Wicht, Boehlke Link
Materials Thermomechanical Simulation of Hot Stamping Neumann Book
Bio-Tech Parameter Optimization in Bio-Technology Rehberg et al. Paper
Bio-Tech Crop Production in Photovoltaic Greenhouse Okada Thesis
Multi-Layer Parallelization in the Cloud Tran Thesis
Telecom Multi-Relay Selection in Coop. Wireless NWs Bahbahani et al. Paper
Telecom Relay Selection using Repeated Game Bahbahani, Alsusa Paper
Telecom D2D Group Association in NOMA Networks Baidas et al. Paper *new*
Telecom Joint Relay Selection in NOMA Networks Baidas et al. Paper *new*
Telecom Joint Relay Selection and Efficient Power Allocation Baidas et al. Paper *new*
Telecom Downlink Multi-Cell NOMA Networks Baidas et al. Paper *new*
Telecom Game-Theoretic Modeling of Relay Selection Baidas et al. Paper
Telecom Distributed Simultaneous Wireless Networks Baidas et al. Paper
Telecom Power Allocation over Multi-User Multi-Relay NWs Baidas et al. Paper
Telecom Power Allocation over Time-Varying Interf. Chanels Baidas et al. Paper
Telecom Strategies in Energy Harvest. Coop. Wireless NWs Baidas, Bahbahani Paper
Telecom Energy-Efficient partner selection in Wireless NWs Baidas, Afghah Paper
Telecom Centralized Relay Node Selection via MINLP Baidas, Bahbahani Paper
Telecom Cooperative Wireless Networks Baidas, MacKenzie Paper
Telecom Power Allocation in Wireless Networks Baidas
Telecom Wireless Sensor Networks Alghamdi et al. Paper
Telecom Mobile Sink in WSNs with Unreachable Regions Nie et al. Paper
Navy Structural Optimization of Submarine Hulls Wong Report