MIDACO Cloud - Terms of Use

By using and submitting any material to the MIDACO Cloud service, you agree to the following terms:


1. No Warranties

The service is provided "AS IS" and without any warranty of any kind. There is no warranty that the results of the service will be accurate or that there will be any result at all. This service and its policies might change or even be completely discontinued at any time without prior notice.



For any material you submit to the service, you must hold all legal rights. Any material you submit must be non-confidential and must not be subject to any non-disclosure obligations of any kind.


3. Fair Use

The service offers the possibility to execute several submissions in parallel. We kindly ask you to limit your number of parallel submissions to not more than 3 at a time, in order to enable enough computational resources for all users. In case you fail with that request or we notice any kind of abusive behaviour, we remain the right to exclude your email address from using the service immediately and without prior notice.


4. Registration & Privacy Policy

The service does not require any registration and anonymous usage is possible. The service requires a working email address from which material is submitted by you and to which results are returned to you. In order to avoid any potential problems with using the service, we encourage you to not use your regular email account, but some dummy email account. The used email address will not be given out to any third party, but might be used to send you update information on the service (e.g. new MIDACO and/or cloud features).