MIDACO Cloud - Notes


The MIDACO Cloud is a new service in its first experimental stage. It is possible that when using this service you will experience some bug, timeout or other incorrect result. Please let us know then.


The cloud server will automatically impose following limits:

Maximal execution time limit: 10,000 Sec (~ 3 Hours)

Minimal printlevel: MAXEVAL / 20


Note that Matlab templates are executed with GNU Octave, which can be significantly slower than if executed with Matlab. Therefore execution times received from submitting Matlab templates are likely to be significantly higher as if executed with Matlab.


The cloud server uses following compilers / versions:

gcc 4.8.3
g++ 4.8.3
gfortran 4.8.3
Python 2.7.5
R 3.2.0
Octave 3.8.2