How to create MIDACO (.dll) library for R in Windows


Step 1)

Install Rtools:

During installation, in "Select Additional Taks" tab, tick YES for:  Edit system PATH


Step 2)

Download   midacoR.f   source file and store it (e.g. Desktop)


Step 3)

Open Windows command prompt (CMD) and navigate to the folder where  midacoR.f  is stored


Step 4)

Set the CMD path, so that CMD console can access the "R" command.
For example, for version R-4.2.3 this command is as follows:

set path=%path%;C:\Program Files\R\R-4.2.3\bin


Step 5) 

Create the midacoR.dll file by typing following command in CMD console:

R CMD SHLIB midacoR.f


( Note that this command requires Rtools to be installed )

Now the midacoR.dll file should be created and placed in the same folder as midacoR.f



Screenshot of manual compilation


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