How to create the "midacopy.dll" using MS Visual Studio


Step 1: Download midacopy.c source code


Step 2: Download and install MS Visual Studio for 32bit (x86) or 64 bit (x64)


Step 3: Open MS Visual Studio and create new project (File > New > Project)


Step 4: For the new project, select: Visual C++, Win32-Console Application > Name: midacopy > Press OK


Step 5: Select Application Type: DLL > Select Additional Options: Empty Project > Press: Finish


Step 6: Add "midacopy.c" to Source Files section of project: Right mouse click on "Source Files"  > Press Add


Step 7: Compile project: Debug > Compile project

 [ For 64bit:   Before compiling, go to properties and change the platform to x64 ]


Step 8: Go to the "Debug" folder in the MS-Visual project folder named "midacopy", there should be the desired "midacopy.dll" DLL.